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How can be a springboard for success in other social marketing channels? Do not forget that your customers or your brand experience starts with your blog, Facebook or Twitter. Social media, the brand should take to reinforce, strengthen and electrify it. His efforts in social media should be an extension of what they do in all the departments of your company. Capturing the voice of your company and the stock opened unique opportunities in all other marketing with the world through social media channels that arrive, including SEO, branding, public relations, sales and much more. Use connections to social networks to build relationships on your lens. This seems a bit utopian for all based on the measurement of traditional activity and concrete and find the photo just to look at metrics, but not return of the negative portrayal of the King. The basis on which it is possible that the other aspects of your business and prosper are built by our customers relations. Relationships flourish when they are grown, and no other area offers the possibility to do this as a social medium. Social channels have broken the barriers between people at an unprecedented rate. Published Facebook data show in 2011, that users on average were 3. 74 degrees of separation between them, so that they almost as one like Kevin Bacon the rest of Hollywood is connected to another. In the years since the study only continued to develop the network. It is quite amazing and a credit for the reality of social media. Some of the most successful professional SEO and public relations has earned its reputation, at least in part, by reports that can accumulate. They are strengthened its already solid efforts paid social media jobs for free well, which, of course, but an excellent relationship. Relationships with our customers leads to loyalty and advocacy, traits which can support your brand during good and bad times, an investment that on almost any platform and in almost all circumstances remain strongly. Information about social media in a surprisingly rapid pace can be released, and users have more recourse to social channels for exchanging information in real time. Often, this information takes the form of opinions, so if you hear them signals can now be their public, social media a valuable source of ideas and feedback. Social integration in product development can act as an early warning system for the cost of the service for the development of the client to save valuable comments and help identify the ideal beta testers without too much effort. The integration of social media is not something easy on the rest of your relationship public marketing, branding, and promotional activities can contact; Must be an integral part of the mix. In this way, you can create a scalable and consistent experience for customers. Designed as a means to an end and not an end in itself. In addition, it is not as hard as it may seem. Of course you his work integrating social media into your marketing as soon as possible efforts to help develop and strengthen, rather than waiting until the end of a cycle of planning for social occasions. If there is a social presence from the beginning clearly benefit your brand touchpoints, more customers, PR see a lift in impressions and reach, and a proactive service customers can preview and activate if necessary. As you can see, a social presence can have running, if genuine and reflexive from profound implications for your business. More as accessories to an integral part of community involvement activities, you have more opportunities, the use of the power. .